Westland Cheese Introduces “Peelable Rind” to Dutch Gouda Fans

November 18, 2010

Millions of Dutch cheese eaters no longer need face the aggravation – and sometimes cuts – caused by removing rind with a knife or cheese slice.

The Westland cheese company (makers of Old Amsterdam Gouda) has invented a new type of cheese rind featuring a series of nicks enabling cheese aficionados to simply peel off rectangular pieces of rind with their fingers.

The invention, registered under the name Keepkantjes © (notched sides) is the result of years of intensive research by Westland’s specialists.

Westland Director Cor Lustig says: “Our ambition was to put and end to the annoyance of millions of consumers. And we did”. Research has shown that 65 percent of all Dutch people have at some point in their lives cut their fingers while removing cheese rind. Westland cheese featuring Keepkantjes © will be available in Dutch supermarkets from early December.

Cheesy facts:

– 97 percent of Dutch people eat chease at least once a week
– 53 percent eat cheese on a daily basis, preferably on a slice of wholegrain bread
– 87 of Dutch cheese eaters say lunch is their favourite time of day for eating cheese
– 82 percent prefer a chunk of cheese to the sliced, pre-packaged variety. Of this group, 93 percent remove the rind before eating the cheese.


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