Estrella Family Creamery Needs Our Help

December 1, 2010

The FDA (according to The Lady, “the rat ass bastards” – her words, certainly not those of the Feline Foodie) has seized the cheese and effectively shutdown the Estrella Family Creamery here in Washington State. The Family is fighting but they need our support; both morally and financially.

A webiste has been set up to blog the progress and you can follow it by clicking here.

Also, you can join their Facebook Page to show your support. Save The Estrella Family Creamery.

You can pledge money to help with their legal fees by clicking here.

Also, our good friend, Tami Parr, of Pacific Northwest Cheese Project has been following this closely (she’s an attorney, in addition to being a cheese person extraordinaire) and her blog has lots of legal info regarding this case and other similar cases. Please visit her blog by clicking here.

One Response to “Estrella Family Creamery Needs Our Help”

  1. […] of sixty days to make sure the bad guys are dead… as reported in previous posts here about Estrella Family Creamery and Sally Jackson Cheeses, the FDA has “ramped up” their oversight of raw milk […]

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