Sweet Grass Dairy’s Thomasville Tomme

December 9, 2010

Raw Cow’s Milk Cheese

The Lady had the honor of volunteering at the Festival of Cheese which followed the 2010 American Cheese Society Awards Program in Seattle this past August. One of the cheeses she cut and displayed was from the State of Georgia, a place near and dear to The Lady and home of Miss Anne and The Tall Guy.

The Southern part of Georgia is home to an award-winning dairy, Sweet Grass Dairy. This 140 acre family-owned and operated dairy makes goat milk cheese and cow milk cheese from Jersey cows.

The dairy began rotational grazing for their herds before it was “fashionable”, realizing that it was better for the animals and produced far-superior milk and cheese.  Jessica and Jeremy Little continue the commitment to sustainable and earth-friendly farming that was the philosophy of Jessica’s parents who started Sweet Grass Dairy in 2000. In ten short years this dairy has won more than 20 cheese awards including several First Place Awards from the American Cheese Society.

Thomasville Tomme is a raw milk cheese made with Jersey Cow Milk. It is made in the style of the Pyrenees Tomme with a natural rind. The Lady loved this cheese with its oh-so buttery and mellow taste. Jersey cows give us this great milk with more butterfat and in turn it makes cheeses that melt on the palate. It was the buttery texture and taste that won The Lady’s heart. Alas, I was not allowed to attend the festivities… that “No pets Allowed” attitude that seems to permeate the rules of many public places… and therefore, I haven’t tasted this cheese. If you feel you can trust The Lady (take it from me, you can…) then you should take the time to seek out this cheese.

The Sweet Grass Dairy website lists the restaurants and retail outlets where this cheese is available. For our loyal fans in Oregon and Southwest Washington, you can find Sweet Grass Dairy cheeses at Elephants Deli in NW Portland. Sweet Grass Dairy has its own retail store in downtown Thomasville, Georgia.

The Lady gives Thomasville Tomme 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got…).

Serving Suggestions: The Lady suggests you include this cheese on a cheese board with fresh fruits such as pears or melon. It will also melt well and can be incorporated into your favorite mac n cheese recipe or in a quiche.

Wine Pairing: Both white and reds pair well with this wine.

Beer Pairing: Sweetwater Brewing Company’s Georgia Brown

Source: Raw Jersey Cow’s Milk

Awards: First Place 2002 American Cheese Society


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  1. […] mentioned in the previous post (Sweet Grass Dairy’s Thomasville Tomme), The Lady volunteered at the ACS 2010 Festival of Cheese, cutting and displaying the cheeses […]

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