Update on Saxon Homestead Cheeses

December 10, 2010

The Lady and I reviewed Saxon Homestead Cheeses earlier this year: Big Ed’s, a Gouda-style cheese; Saxony, an Alpine-style cheese; Pastures, a clothbound cheddar that won 2nd place in its class at the 2010 American Cheese Society Competition; Green Fields, a Monastery-style cheese that won 1st Place in its class at the 2010 American Cheese Society Competition and LaClare Farm Evalon, a semi-soft, raw goat milk cheese.

The Lady and I first met Jerry Heimerl last spring when we visited Wisconsin courtesy of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board and DPI (the same folks who have banned my blog from their internet network… but I digress…). The Lady chatted with Jerry right after his cheeses won the two awards this past August and thinks he’s one terrific guy.

Recently, her cheese friend, David, appeared with 4 Saxon Homestead Cheese wheels and asked The Lady to cut, wrap and display them for photographing. The Lady was pleased to assist. For her efforts, David gave her a few wedges of the 4 cheeses (LaClare Farm Evalon was the only cheese not included) and The Man and I got super lucky when she brought them home for us to taste… woohoo…

We had a cheese plate of the four offerings: Pastures, an earthy cheddar in the tradition of the English clothbound cheddars; Saxony, a complex Alpine-style reminiscent of Gruyere (a favorite around the manse); Green Pastures, a washed-rind, mellow semi-soft cheese; and Big Ed’s, a mild Gouda. The cheese plate was served with Becky’s homemade raspberry preserves, grapes, Bartlett pears and a couple slices of honeydew melon and 34° Sesame Crackers.

The Lady also made Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Pastures and Saxony and a couple slices of ham.

And yesterday, she surprised us with mac n cheese she made using the last of Big Ed’s, Saxony and Pastures. It was perfect!!

The Man, The Lady and I are sure hoping these cheeses find their way into The Lady’s kiosk sooner rather than later… stay tuned…


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