Beemster Premium Dutch Cheese Rolls-Out New Marketing Campaign

December 16, 2010

XO, Classic, Vlaskaas, Farmer’s Choice, and Beemster Lite are naturally Lactose-Free

The Lady and I are partial to Beemster Cheese and its US Marketing Teamof Michael, Bridgett and Bob. Recently Michael and Bob visited The Lady’s Kiosk and shared with her the new marketing strategy the company developed to further grow their image.

The three men appearing in the campaign photo are three generations of Beemster Dairy Farmers who live in the Beemster Polder and are members of the Beemster Co-Op: all continuing the Beemster tradition by making cheese with the same high standards and passion that sets the Beemster “bar” so high.

American consumers want to know “the story” of the specialty cheeses they buy and take home to enjoy with family and friends. (The Lady has made telling “the story” part of her every day in the cheesemines.) Beemster labels now open and reseal. Inside each label is the Beemster “story” explaining where the cheese comes from and what makes it unique. We all like to share the stories we learn with those we know and like. (That pretty much sums up the theme of this blog… I like to share the cheese stories I have rattling around in my cheesy brain…)

Beemster is now offering a “100% Money Back Guarantee” on all their cheeses. Folks, naturally, are reluctant, especially in this economy, to spend a little extra on a specialty cheese if they haven’t had a chance to try it. (That won’t happen at The Lady’s kiosk, as she tells all her customers, “If we cut it and wrap it, you can sample it”.) But not all cheese shops are created the same and now Beemster will guarantee that you are satisfied with your purchase, or they will refund your purchase price.

Also, to further assist their customers, Beemster is adding the “Lactose-Free” label to their cheeses that are aged more than five months. Most customers don’t realize that aged cheeses are usually lactose-free (such as Parmesans and most Alpine-style cheeses).

Lastly, Beemster recognizes that people are more likely to stand behind a product that has been around for a while; traditionally crafted that has been handed down through history and generations.

The Lady and I give our own kudos to Beemster and wish them great success with their new campaign.


2 Responses to “Beemster Premium Dutch Cheese Rolls-Out New Marketing Campaign”

  1. Mimi Bachtel Says:

    I am lactose intolerant. Where can I buy the Beemster Lactose-free sharp cheddar cheese?
    and others.

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