Falling Back in Love with Parrano

January 16, 2011

The Lady bought a couple wedges of Parrano recently and has been using this “hybrid” cheese more and more. I use the term “hybrid” because Parrano is an aged Gouda from Holland that thinks it is Parmesan.

The Lady and I had forgotten how great this cheese is and even though we have tasted this cheese and used it off and on during the past few years… it’s like discovering a new cheese… we love this cheese.

We originally reviewed this cheese in September 2008 and you can read that review by clicking here. We also reviewed the older Parrano Robusto in January 2010. If you read those reviews, you will see Parrano has been a favorite around the manse for several years.

But somewhere along the road of “So Many Cheeses…” we ignored Parrano… but it’s back in the cheese drawer and we plan to keep this cheese around the manse for lots of uses. In the last couple of weeks, The Lady has used this cheese in a grilled cheese with prosciutto and tomato … a hit… in a bacon and Parrano omelet… a hit… with Dare Cabaret Crackers and Strawberry Preserves… a hit… but last night she hit the Parrano Grand Slam when she used Parrano to make an Alfredo Sauce that she poured over Farfalla pasta, fresh mushrooms, fresh zucchini, fresh asparagus and sautéed boneless/skinless chicken thighs. The recipe is posted on our recipe blog. This was, by far, the best Alfredo Sauce… ever… seriously… the best ever!!

If you haven’t added Parrano to your “everyday cheese” drawer… well… now is the time!!

Parrano rules!!

I give Parrano 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got) and elevate it to my “Everyday Aged Gouda”.

Wine Pairing: 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon

Beer Pairing: Rich Brown Ale

Please note: Fred Meyer, where The Lady bought our Parrano, is currently offering a nifty cheese grater with a piece of Parrano as a combination item. You only pay for the cheese; the grater is a gift from Parrano. The grater captures and holds the shredded cheese- about one cup – inside a plastic cup.


5 Responses to “Falling Back in Love with Parrano”

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  2. Kay Dickerson Says:

    thanks for the reminder. I love Parrano, too !
    thinking about the Alfredo sauce with my crab meat.

  3. […] award-winning cheeses and often half the price of Parmigiano-Reggiano. And don’t ever forget Parrano, the Dutch Gouda that thinks it’s parmesan; this is another of the great cheeses that we always […]

  4. […] Lady and I are big fans of Parrano, a Dutch Gouda that has issues and thinks it is a Parmesan… After reviewing it way back in the early days of […]

  5. […] The first cheese we tasted today was Alpenhorn, a young hybrid cheese made by Unikaas, a respected Dutch Gouda cheese manufacturer. It is a marriage between a Dutch Gouda and a Swiss Emmenthal; younger and softer than the aged version of its “parents”.  (BTW, Uniekaas also produces another cheese that we simply crave around the manse, the sublime Parrano.) […]

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