Spaulding Gray, Feline Foodie, Reporting For Duty

February 26, 2011


The Lady caught me just as I was starting to dictate my next cheese review.


3 Responses to “Spaulding Gray, Feline Foodie, Reporting For Duty”

  1. Mary Moore Says:

    Cute photo, SG. The Brain is probably very pleased with you, but I do have a question or two for you. Does the Feline Foodie have his own Cheese fridge? If they made a label for a specific cheese with your photo on it, what type of cheese would it be? And last but not least…Do you share with the mice?

  2. cheesemonger Says:

    Mary, I do have my own cheese fridge, but The lady seems to think it is hers… go figure…

    My dream cheese to grace would be No Woman – still my very most favorite cheese.

    There are no mice in the manse except those adorable ones that Michael from Beemster cheese sends me…

    • Mary Moore Says:

      Then, we all should petition “No Woman” to create a label just for you. Or else, “The Lady” could get some paw print labels made up to add to the cheese and put “4 paws, ’cause that’s all I’ve got” on it when she sells some. Or would her bosses let her do that? Oops….we all know you’re the real boss here, especially in the manse.

      Let The Lady think the fridge is hers, we both know the truth, and so does The Brain.

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