Brie de Meaux

March 13, 2011

I don’t know how she did it, but The Lady brought home a wedge of Brie de Meaux, a superior Brie generally produced only using raw milk. Perhaps she had a pasteurized version but after my tasting, good money says this cheese came in under the radar…

Made in the Brie region outside of Paris, Brie de Meaux is usually produced between July and March. This cheese is the quintessential example of the melding of Brie and Terroir. You can taste the earth and the floral in this divinely creamy cheese.

During production, casting is done manually and in thin layers using brie shovels. The wheels are turned by hand and ripened in cellars for about four weeks before they are ready for sale. This AOC-protected cheese reaches its “peak” between 7 and 9 weeks after manufacturing.

The Lady let the wedge sit for about 45 minutes before serving it to The Man and your not-so humble Feline Foodie. As you might guess, I had to go paw-to-paw with The Man to get my fair half-share. He’s not really into sharing… I find that to be annoying… The Lady thinks after all this time, I should be “used to ways of The Man”… sheesh…

This cheese is not only gorgeous with a hint of redin its paste which reminds of my favorite French cheese, Epoisses; it melts on the palate as the sweet, nutty earthiness of this cheese explodes in the mouth. You can taste mushroom and floral from the grass.

I give Brie de Meaux 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got) and urge you to get a wedge of this raw milk wonder… even if you have to fly to Paris…

Serving Suggestions: Keep it simple. Bread and wine… that’s all you need and all you would ever want.

Wine Pairing: You want a fruity Burgundy or a glass of champagne.

Beer Pairing: I wouldn’t but many would…

Source: Raw Cows’ Milk

Trivia: Brie and Camembert are the same cheese…


One Response to “Brie de Meaux”

  1. uke mochi Says:

    Get out… a raw Brie De Meaux??? Color me jealous.

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