Seattle Cheese Festival is Right Around the Corner… Mark Your Calendar…

April 28, 2011

 The 7th Annual Seattle Cheese Festival at Pike’s Place is scheduled for May 14th and 15th.

The Lady, The Man and I will be there to check out all the great cheeses, meet some cheesemakers and The Lady will attend a few seminars to sharpen her skills as a cheesemonger. I also have it on good authority that she submitted one of our Grilled Cheese recipes into the Grilled Cheese Contest… we’ll just have to wait and see if she wins…

More than thirty cheesemakers are scheduled to be on site to sample their cheeses along with many specialty food vendors and distributors. There will be cooking demonstrations by area chefs, a mozzarella making demo and a beer and cheese pairing seminar. Something for everyone who loves cheese.

If you’re anywhere near Seattle that weekend and you love cheese… then this is the place to be.

As amazing as this sounds, The Lady chose the Cheese Festival over the PGA Players’ Tournament aka  the “fifth major”… but as you might guess, the DVR is already set and ready to record…


One Response to “Seattle Cheese Festival is Right Around the Corner… Mark Your Calendar…”

  1. […] I chose Marmota vancouverensis. Not only is it tasty, but while The lady, The Man and I attend the Seattle Cheese Festival in a couple of weeks, I plan to sneak away when they sleep and catch me one of these critters, skin […]

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