Kona Grill – Cherry Creek Mall – Denver

July 31, 2011

Kona Grill Tampa

The Lady is in Denver for ten days, leaving The Man and me to fend for ourselves… it’s not easy… The Man, while he tries, doesn’t speak feline the way The Lady does… but we survive, counting the days until she returns… which will be Tuesday evening…

Today, after her work in the Murray’s Cheese Mines at King Soopers, she treated herself to a visit to the Cherry Creek Mall… ooh la la… according to The Lady… very nice mall. After checking out the mall, which reminded her of South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California, The Lady decided to have dinner at the Kona Grill. Since she was a party of one, she chose to sit in the bar. She was barely seated when her server arrived and delivered menus.

The Lady chose a glass of Pinot Evil, a Pinot Noir from France to start. Nice and inexpensive.

The menu at Kona Grill, which is a nationwide chain (but hasn’t made it to the Pacific Northwest where The Lady, The Man and I hang out) is amazing. It includes a large sushi and sashimi menu plus lots of sushi rolls; flatbread specialties; “slim chance” low calorie entrees and signature entrees.

The Lady started with “Kona Calamari”, a tempura-battered calamari, deep fried but not oily. It was actually quite “light”, the way properly-prepared tempura should be. The aioli dipping sauce was OK, a little more mayo than The Lady liked; but still enjoyable. The Lady would have preferred a sweet chili sauce; but that’s just her…

She planned to order sushi and sashimi until she spotted “White Truffle Lobster Mac n Cheese” as an entrée. You’d think she get enough cheese day-in and day-out… but… no… As you might guess,  she ordered the mac n cheese…  we’re always in search of another perfect mac n cheese… a journey that hopefully will never end…

Made with cold water Maine Lobster and cavatappi pasta, this mac n cheese is served mounded high in an individual oval serving dish. It was browned just enough to give the top a little crunch. On a personal note, The Lady would have liked more lobster… who wouldn’t… and she couldn’t taste the white truffle oil. But the cheese sauce was nothing short of divine. The Lady asked her server about the types cheeses used and Jeremy, the Executive Chef, came out and chatted with The Lady. The cheese sauce includes grated parmesan, aged cheddar and smoked gouda. To The Lady’s surprise, Jeremy also adds a bit of Velveeta to make the sauce creamier.

When was the last time you saw White Truffle Oil, cold water Maine Lobster and Velveeta in the same recipe? The Lady researched and found a Lobster and Truffle Oil Mac n Cheese  and then to her surprise, she did find a mac n cheese recipe that included Velveeta and White Truffle Oil… who knew… but alas none of the three together except at the Kona Grill.

The Lady enjoyed her dining experience at the Kona Grill and plans to return the next time she is in Denver and other cities where the Kona Grill may be.

The Lady gives the Kona Grill 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got and all I will loan her for rating…). She gives the service at the Kona Grill 4 Paws out of 4 Paws – the service was impeccable.

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