Stay Tuned… is Under Contruction

September 10, 2011

The Lady and I have taken the cheese plunge and are about to unveil a full-service website that for some unknown and inexplicable reason is being named after The Lady rather than moi, your humble Feline Foodie, Spaulding Gray, who does all the heavy lifting around here while The Lady takes all the glory… one more time…

Please visit the website by clicking here.

Until construction is complete, we will continue to blog here and at our recipe blog… especially while The Lady is in Italy at the Bra Cheese Festival hanging out with the Cheese Swells and I am, once again, left behind to wrangle The Man… I just don’t get it… I think it all has to do with that opposable thumb thing…

I’ve been peeking and Troy, the IT genius behind the new website, is doing a bang-up job getting it ready… Stay Tuned…

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One Response to “Stay Tuned… is Under Contruction”

  1. Mary Moore Says:

    Great….bookmarked the new page

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