My name is Spaulding Gray aka The Feline Foodie. I am a gray-striped tuxedo cat who lives with The Lady and The Man. The Man and I hangout together when The Lady works in the cheese mines in the Pacific Northwest and across the nation. She brings cheese home for me to taste and review.

In my spare time, when I’m neither napping nor tasting  and reviewing cheese, I observe humankind behavior and report to The Brain on The MotherShip. I am a Commander in the Pacific Northwest Quadrant of North America, sent here from a galaxy far, far away to watch and comment on the strange behaviors of the humankind…

I am kind-hearted, for the most part, but at 2am if The Lady doesn’t get up to feed me, I can be persistent and basically a real pain-in-the-ass.

And, yes, it is all about me…

Now for The Lady. She is the Murray’s Cheese Specialist for Fred Meyer and Kroger. She also is a Certified Red Jacket Cheesemonger for Murray’s. She travels throughout the US assisting Murray’s and Kroger when opening the new Murray’s Cheese Shops inside select Kroger stores nationwide. She also trains the new Cheese Masters and Mongers working in the Cheese Shops. The Lady loves to cook and The Man, who is retired, loves to eat. She is my Cheese Dealer; my best humankind friend and she is totally devoted to The Man, whom she married more than 31 years ago…

The Man and I miss The Lady when she travels…

Regarding The Man: He isn’t as easy to wrangle as The Lady; he’s almost as disciplined at ignoring moi and I am of him, when he annoys me. He is retired and loves his greenhouse and garden. He’s old school on many things and yet, as thoroughly modern as Millie on others… He adores The Lady.

Regarding my reviews: I prefer to promote the wonder that is cheese and rarely review a cheese that I think is sub-par… As Miss Anne, mother of The Lady, likes to say, “Keep your mouth shut if you don’t have something nice to say”…

From time-to-time, I receive samples from cheesemakers who hope I will say nice things about their cheese. I have no obligation to do so; if I like the cheese I will review it. I will also disclose that the cheese was a freebie.

My reviews are mine and mine alone. Fred Meyer, Kroger and Murray’s compensate neither The Lady nor me for any work I do on this blog and they don’t influence what I say in any manner. Likewise, all opinions stated here are mine and in no way are they the opinions of the three. On occasion, I announce events and employment opportunities for those companies; but you will note that I also do the same for other cheese folks that I like such as Chuck’s Produce, Pastoral, American Cheese Society, Oregon Cheese Guild, Beecher’s (whose No Woman owns my cheese heart), Rogue Creamery, etc. Nobody pays me to say nice things… it’s just what I do.

This is the Official Disclaimer that Kroger and Fred Meyer told The Lady I had to post: “The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies or opinions of The Kroger Co. family of stores.” 

Now for your comments. I am the sole keeper of the Comments Gate; if you leave something I don’t like, I toss it in the litter box. If you leave a smug comment, I will either toss it or reply with my own snarky, smug comment… so beware and tread softly… I’m trying to have a good time and you should be doing the same.

You can also follow The Lady and me at Twitter. The Lady tweets as cheesemonger. I now tweet as FelineFoodie.

Now for the “legal” copyright stuff: We subscribe to: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

All information on this blog is copyrighted 2008-2011 by Marcella Wright and Echoes from the CheeseMines(R).

Use or reprinting of any of the information on this blog can only be done with written permission from the copyright holder. You can freely link to our blogs and you can make casual use of information. But we’d appreciate credit. You can use any pictures that appear on the blog freely.

In 2010 Culinary Arts College named us one of the “Top 50 Best Cheese Blogs on the Web” and named us one of the “Top 60 Cheese Blogs” in 2010.
Member, Association of Food Bloggers

21 Responses to “2008 – 2011 About Me”

  1. Harbormaster55 Says:

    Hey cat ! You sure make a good book when you do a blog. At first I was going to print it out but then, I decided to wait and see where this thing would lead. I got a Lady from Maine who sleeps on my chair and she loves to throw up after cheese.

  2. Isabella Hathaway Says:

    I’ve loved wine & cheese my entire life. Nice site. You are, madam, missing my favorite new cheese. It is a domestic American, Tillamook Garlic. {not pepper or horseradish, but “Garlic”}
    The flavor and wine mixing is something fantastic. A total surprise and quite unexpected. I’m not sure how this cheese company arrived at the exact perfect point of fresh garlic mix, but it must be some kind of science… Try it if you can find it.
    Also, for those of us watching our diet (fresh quality and calorie amount), this is the only cheese that satisfies my desire and saves me from over-eating just to be satisfied.
    By the way- this is an Oregon Cheese company. I believe they are basically near organic, but not completely certain of that. Need to check more.

    • cheesemonger Says:

      Isabella, I am familiar with Tillamook cheeses and will add the garlic flavor to the chart – thanks for your comments; it is appreciated.

  3. La Petit Fromage Says:

    I love cheese. I love Spuddy. I love felines.
    Thank you.

  4. Mike Kohlmeier Says:

    I am trying to locate Tillamook curd in Portland ASAP, for a customer from out of State.
    Is there an outlet that would carry curd somewhere in the Portland area?
    I am in North Portland now.
    Thank You,
    Mike K

  5. I send you my greetings…as colleaque in loving and defending good cheese!
    Be welcome in Holland for a glass of wine and…best Dutch FARMERS cheese!
    Shall we organise a masterclass Europe???
    See my weblog or see twitter
    Have a good day,

  6. Mongress Says:

    Hi Cheesemonger–
    I really like your blog. I am also a longtime cheesemonger, and have considered doing something like this myself. I stumbled upon you when doing research on Beemster cheeses, and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Since a week, we have a lanquage-module in our blog!
    So you can translate my info. As I already wrote:
    Let us work together to DEFEND the uniq taste and caracter of rawmilkcheeses, as important part of our culture!

    can we organise an event for real cheesemongers
    Workshops, masterclasses, discussions with farmers, sharing know how, tasting products (and wine)
    What could be better?
    Greatings and…have a

  8. Mary Moore Says:

    Hey Spaulding, what’s the best thing to do with a wedge of Pecorino Romano? Store it and use as needed or grate it and store it grated and ready to go?

    • cheesemonger Says:

      Store it and grate it as needed. If you grate it all at once; it will dry out and the more “exposed” edges; the faster it will mold as well.

  9. I love your blog!You’re one amazing cat 🙂

  10. […] Applewood Cheddar and The Lady brought a large wedge to the manse for The Man and your favorite Feline Foodie (that would be me) to snack upon. However, even with some heavy snacking, there was enough left for […]

  11. Hi – great blog! If you are interested in small, artisan cheesemakers, we are just that – 3 people, 13 cheeses we make – our blog shows you how to make cheese, both commercially and at home. If of interest:
    Iona, Ribblesdale Cheese

    • cheesemonger Says:

      I’ll check out your blog – we love artisan cheese around the manse. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  12. […] my darkest hours, I considered contacting The Brain and asking for a transfer; but The Lady feeds my cheese jones and I just can’t give up the […]

  13. […] taste. As The Man swooned, I remained stoic and maintained my cheese dignity while quietly thanking The Brain for allowing The Lady and me to hook up for her “Cheese […]

  14. […] of cow, sheep and goat milks. The snowy rind resembles a brain… not to be confused with The Brain… and just inside is a cream line of gooey, decadent tang surrounding an earthy, lactic paste. The […]

  15. […] over to my fellow observers who watch over that Quadrant in the NE United States and SE Canada. The Brain constantly finds himself spending precious time whipping those pesky, independently-thinking felines […]

  16. […] gig is just about the best thing that ever happened to this Feline Foodie. Second only to the day The Brain deployed me to Burbank to assume the command recently vacated when the Mighty Mike Tyson was called […]

  17. […] This week marks my three year anniversary as your sometimes humble… and sometimes… not so humble cheese correspondent. In that time, I have written 532 posts reviewing more  than 750 cheeses (and I have 100+ reviews waiting in the wings…) and 31 pages providing other information about all things cheese. The Lady likes to grab the glory but we all know who’s the brain behind this blog… not to be confused with The Brain… […]

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