This page has all the reports from the 2010 ACS “Cheese-a-topia” Conference in Seattle August 25 – August 29, 2010. It will be updated as The Lady and I complete our reports on the seminars she attended. Once complete, we will make note that the last report has been “filed”.

Report #1 – Spaulding Gray Reporting from his Cheese Bunker Somewhere in the Suburbs of Seattle – August 25, 2010

Report #2 – Hanging with the Cheese Swells

Report #3 – Meet the Cheesemaker Event

Report #4 – Making Cheese at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Report #5 From the Cheese Bunker – August 27, 2010

Report #6 From the Manse – August 29, 2010

…And the Winners Are…

Charcuterie Seminar Notes

Understanding the Value and Implications of Terroir in America Seminar Notes

Last Stop: Cheese Stop: Top ACS Cheesemongers Share the Secrets for Success

7 Responses to “American Cheese Society Cheese-a-topia 2010 Re-Cap”

  1. […] Lady actually enjoyed tasting this cheese twice the week of the 2010 ACS Conference; the first time was at Beecher’s at Pike Place and the last day of the conference she attended a […]

  2. […] of the seminars The Lady attended at the 2010 ACS Cheese-a-topia featured cheeses from the Pacific Northwest and cheesemakers and cheese hounds who specialize in […]

  3. […] American Cheese Society Cheese-a-topia 2010 Re-Cap […]

  4. […] this new addition to the fine goat cheeses from Gothberg Farms while The Lady was attending the 2010 American Cheese Society Conference in Seattle this past August. You might recall that I was not allowed to attend as it was held at […]

  5. […] past August (2010) The Lady, The Man and I took our well-documented road trip to Seattle for the 2010 American Cheese Society Conference held at the Downtown Seattle “No Pets” […]

  6. […] the category of lovers of sheep milk cheeses. Like the Sally Jackson cheese The Lady tasted at the 2010 ACS Conference, the taste remains in your mind and you can almost taste it again with only thinking of […]

  7. […] of our favorite cheese memories was hanging with the Cheese Swells last year in Seattle for the 2010 ACS Conference. Fortunately or unfortunately (looking at it from both sides), The Lady spent this year’s ACS […]

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