Updated 08/27/2011

Many of you have asked your humble Feline Foodie about cheeses that I have reviewed in the past. I decided it was time for an index that will link you to each cheese I have reviewed. As I add reviews to the blog, I will update the list. As always, thanks for reading my blog and sending your thoughts and suggestions.

Garlic Chili Pepper Cheddar (Tillamook)


Gligora Dairy’s Paski Sir

Gold Label, Uniekaas, Extra Old Gouda

Golden Age Cheese Company Cheddar Cheese Curds

Golden Age Cheese Company Extra Sharp Cheddar

Golden Age Cheese Company Super Sharp Cheddar

Golden Glen Creamery Farmstead Butter

Golden Glen Creamery Bow Field

Golden Glen Creamery Judy’s Parmesan

Golden Glen Creamery Medium Cheddar with Sweet Basil

Golden Glen Creamery Medium Cheddar with Red Pepper, Onion and Garlic

Golden Glen Creamery Medium Cheddar with Garlic and Dill

Golden Glen Creamery 4-Year Cheddar: Aidan’s Reserve

Golden Glen Creamery River Cheddar

Golden Glen Creamery Tall Grass

Gorgonzola Dolce

Gorgonzola Picante

Gorgonzola Picante (Mauri)

Gothberg Farms Aged Gouda – Goat Milk

Gothberg Farms Chevre

Gothberg Farms Goat Milk Feta

Gothberg Farms The Woman of LaMancha – Goat Milk

Gothberg Farms Raw Milk Gouda – Goat Milk

Gothberg Farms Young Gouda – Goat Milk

Gouda, Double Cream or RoomKaas

Gouda, Farmer’s Choice (Beemster)

Gouda, Graskaas (Beemster)

Gouda, Goat (Cypress Grove’s Midnight Moon)

Gouda, Goat (Cablanca)

Gouda, Hollandse Best Cream

Gouda, Premium Goat (Beemster)

Gouda, Jalapeno (Appel Farms)

Gouda with Wasabi (Beemster)

Gouda, Goat (Tumalo Farms Classico)

Gouda, Aged – Reypenear – 1 Year and VSOP

Gouda, Smoked (Appel Farm)

Gouda, Smoked (Maple Leaf)

Gouda, Smoked, Van Gogh (Roth Kase)

Grand Margaux 70% Brie

Grana Padano

Grand Cru Gruyere (Roth Kase)

GranQueso (Roth Kase)

Graskaas (Beemster)

Green Dirt Farm Farmstead Bossa

Green Fields (Saxon Homestead Cheeses)

Green Olive White Cheddar (Brunkows)

Green’s of Glastonbury Organic Mature Cheddar


Guillaume Tell (Fromagerie domaine Feodal – Quebec, Canada)

Guusto Baked Cheese (Pasture Pride)


Havarti (Golden Glen Creamery)

Hawthorne Fred Meyer Meat Counter and Sausages

Haystack Peak

Hirtenkase Reserve (German)

Hoffman’s Vermont White Cheddar

Hollandse Best Cream Gouda

Hook’s Little Boy Blue

Horseradish Cheddar (Tillamook)

Hot Habanero Jack Cheese (Tillamook)

Hotcha Shrimp Salsa

Hotcha Salsas

Hard Goat Cheddar

Henning’s Blueberry Cobbler Cheddar

Henning’s Mango Fire Cheddar

Henning’s Mediterranean Sunset Cheddar

Henning’s Peppercorn Cheddar

Henning’s 10-Year Cheddar

Hook’s Little Boy Blue

Humboldt Fog (Cypress Grove)




Ilbesa’s Aged Sheep’s Milk Cheese

Ilbesa’s Luyan

Ilbesa’s Mature Sheeps’ Milk Cheese

Ilbesa’s Young DM Sheep’s Milk Cheese

Ilchester Beer Cheese

Ilchester Smoked Applewood

Ile de France Creme de la Creme Supreme Brie

Isle of Man Mature Cheddar

Istara Chistou

Istara Kaikou

Istara Ossau Iraty

Istara P’Tit Basque

Istara P’Tit Pyrenees

Italico (BelGioioso)

Ivernia (Kerrygold)


Jenny Eye Reserve (Carr Valley)

Juniper Grove Farm’s Tumalo Tomme

Juusto Baked Cheese (Pasture Pride)

Kaitou (Istara)

Kerrygold Aged Cheddar

Kerrygold Blarney Castle

Kerrygold Blue

Kerrygold Butters

Kerrygold Dubliner

Kerrygold Ivernia

Kerrygold Red Leicester

Kirkland’s Signature Cave-Aged Vermont Cheddar (Costco)

Kurtwood Farm’s Dinah 

La Tur

Laack’s Eight Year Extra Sharp Cheddar

Lambchopper (Cypress Grove)

Lace Kase (Roth Kase)

LaClare Farm Evalon (Saxon Homestead Cheeses)


Lavender Cheddar (Rogue Creamery)

Le Cendrillon (Saputo – Quebec, Canada)

Le Chatelain

Le Forgerus

Le Timanoix

Les Freres (Crave Brothers)

Lemon Zest (White Stilton with Fruit)

Leyden (Uniekaas)

Liederkranz (DCI)

Limburger (Roth Kase)

Lincolnshire Poacher from Neal’s Yard

Little Boy Blue (Hook’s)

Little Boy Blue (Willapa Hills Farms)

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