The Family of Washed Rind Cheeses, often called “Stinky”, originated when Trappist Monks washed their aging cheeses with solutions to eliminate mold growing on the outside of the cheese. Most often used was a saltwater brine, but the monks also used beer, wine, brandy and other spirits. The brine promoted the growth of brevibacterium linens or b. linens and in turn this bacteria emitted the aromas that range from mild to “stinky”. The rind is edible and often contrasts with the creamy inside paste which often is quite mild.

Affine au Chablis

Aged Brick (Widmer Cellars) 

BelGioioso Italico

Carr Valley Monastery Cheese


Crave Brothers Les Freres

Crave Brothers Petite Freres


Green Dirt Farm Farmstead Bossa


Green Fields (Saxon Homestead Cheeses)


Le Timanoix

Les Freres (Crave Brothers)

Liederkranz (DCI)

Limburger (Roth Kase)

Monastery Cheese (Carr Valley)


Petite Freres – Crave Brothers

Port Salut


Saint Albray

Saint Nectaire


Widmer Aged Brick

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