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(Updated 2/15/2011)

2009 Feline Foodie Awards

2009 American Dairy Goat Association Cheese Awards

2009 American Cheese Society Awards

2010 in Review

2009 World Cheese Awards

2010 American Cheese Society Competition Winners

2010 ACS Seminars: Charcuterie

2010 ACS Seminars: Last Stop: Cheese Stop – Top Cheesemongers Discuss the Secrets for Success

2010 ACS Seminars: The Understanding and Implications of Terroir in America

2010 ACS: Spaulding Gray’s Report #1

2010 ACS: Spaulding Gray’s Report #2

2010 ACS: Spaulding Gray’s Report #3

2010 ACS: Spaulding Gray’s Report #4

2010 ACS: Spaulding Gray’s Report #5

2010 ACS: Spaulding Gray’s Report #6

2010 ACS: The Lady Volunteers

2010 Chow 13 Winners

2010 Nantwich International Cheese Show Winners

2010 World Cheese Awards: Select USA Winners (includes links to each Cheesemaker’s website)

2010 World Cheese Awards: Trophy and Major Winners

2010 World Cheese Awards Crowns Cornish Blue – Best in the World

2010 World Cheese Championship Crowns Gruyere

2010 Cheese Rolling Event at Cooper’s Hill

2010 World Jersey Awards

2010 NW Epicurean Creamery and Micro-Brewery Tour

2011 Wisconsin Cheesemaker Calendar Now for Sale

50 Best Cheese Blogs

Abbreviated Chart for Antipasti and Cheese

Abbreviated Pairing Chart for Beer, Wine and Cheese

All American Summer Cheese Plate for

American “Cheese” aka Processed “Cheese” or “Cheese Food” That Will Survive a Nuclear Winter

American Cheese Society 2009 Awards

American Cheese Society 2010 Seattle Video

American Craft Beer Fest 2010

Ancient Heritage Dairy: In Memory of Kathy Obringer

And the Winner is…

Andrew Cuomo’s Cheese Family Feud

Artisan-Cheesemaking Brings New Slice of Life

Award-Winning Upland’s Rolls Out New Cheese

Beecher’s World’s Best Mac n Cheese and Sunday Brunch

Beemster Goes Pink for the Cure

Beemster Hot Air Balloon Ride

Beemster Kids Slideshow

Beemster Rolls Out New Marketing Campaign

Beer, Cheese and Food Pairing Chart

Belgium Beer Emergency Alert

Blessed Are The Cheesemongers

Brewers Rollout High-Alcohol Beers

Calf and Kid: Artisan Cheese Shop Opens in Seattle

Carr Valley Cheese Plate

Cat Milk Cheese…Who Knew???

Celebrate with Cheese

Celebrating Our Two-Year Blogiversary

Cheesemonger Invitational 2010

Cheese 101: The Eight Faces of Cheese

Cheese 101: What is a Cheesemonger?

Cheese 101: Everyday Cheeses

Cheese 101: Review of the Martha Stewart Cheese Show November 5, 2009

Cheese 101: Flavored Cheese and Flavoring Cheeses

Cheese and Antipasti Pairings

Cheese and Wine Pairing Chart

Cheese Bar – Steve Jones Opens New Shop

Cheese Collages by The Man

Cheese Pairings with Sea Salts and Chocolate

Cheese Resources I Recommend

Cheese, Wine and Beer Pairings: Quick Overview

Cheese Bank

Cheese, Glorious Cheese

Cheese Kiosk Video

Cheese Knife Tutorial

Cheese Underground Announces 2010 Cheese Limerick Winners

Cheese Wars: Beer vs. Wine

Cheesecake vs. Cheesesteak – 2009 World Series Includes Cheese Bet

Cheeseheads Flying Off the Shelves – (Homage to the Super Bowl 45 Champs – Green Bay Packers)

Cheesemonger.wordpress Hits 500th Post to the Blog

Cheesemonger: A Life on The Wedge – by Gordon Edgar – Book Review

Consumers Find Solace in Specialty Foods

Countdown to Wisconsin: T Minus 12 Days and Counting

Cracking The “Big” Wheel

Crying Over Raw Milk

DPI, Spaulding Gray is Calling You Out

Dairygold Co-op: Keeping Pacific NW Small Farms in Business

Death of Velveeta

Encouraging the Next Generation of Foodies

Estrella Family Creamery Needs Our Help

Fair Oaks Farm: From the Cheese to the Cow: Episode One

Fair Oaks Farm: From the Cheese to the Cow: Episode Two

Fair Oaks Farm: From Cheese to the Cow: Episode Three

Fair Oaks Farm: From Cheese to the Cow: Episode Four

Falling Back in Love with Parrano

Finger Lakes Cheese Trail Holds Open House

Fondue is “Cool” Again

Food Photoshoot August 2009

French Cheese Tasting with Waldemar Albrecht

Generic Cheese and Beer Pairing Chart

Generic Cheese and Wine Pairing Chart

Golden Glen Creamery Cheddar Quiche with Sausage and Spinach

Golden Glen Creamery – “Help Wanted”

Golf, Tradition and Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

Gordon Edgar Picks His favorite Cheeses of 2010

Government Designations to Control Food Product Quality

Grafton Village Introduces Covered Bridge Line

Great Cheese for a Great Cause

Grilled Cheese and Company: Finally a Restaurant that Loves Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese Sandwich for Dinner Tonight

Hawthorne Fred Meyer Meat Counter and Sausages

Hemingway, NE Georgia Quandrant Commander Promoted; Returns to the Mothership

Homeless Man is New Voice For Kraft Mac n Cheese

Honolulu Grub Club Re-Post: The Cat’s Meow

How Did He Do That???

How to Cut a Clothbound Cheddar Wheel (from Jasper Hills Farm)

How to Make Creme Fraiche

How to Make Fresh Mozzarella Video

How to Make Fromage Blanc Video

I Am An Artisan Cheesemaker

If You Build It, They Will Shop

In Search of the World’s Best Mac n Cheese…the Saga Continues

It’s A Tillamook Kind of Sunday At the Manse

It’s time to Play: Cheese or Font?

Interview with Beer Enthusiast, Mike Wright

Interview with Mary Keehn, Cypress Grove Creamery

Interview with Ron Smith, Australian Dairy Farmer

Join Allison Hooper on a French Culinary Vacation

Kosikowski’s Eight Basic Steps of Cheesemaking – Step 1: Setting the Milk

Kosikowski’s Eight Basic Steps of Cheesemaking – Step 2: Cutting the Curds

Kosikowski’s Eight Basic Steps of Cheesemaking – Step 3: Cooking and Holding the Curd

Kosikowski’s Eight Basic Steps of Cheesemaking – Step 4/5/6: Dipping, Draining, Knitting, Pressing

Kosikowski’s Eight Basic Steps of Cheesemaking: Steps 7 & 8: Salting and Curing the Curd

LaQuercia’s Herb Eckhouse: Prince of America’s Charcuterie

LeCendrillon Wins Best Cheese in the World at World Cheese Awards 2009

Life with Spaulding Gray Slideshow

Lysolac: Protein to Stop “Late Blowing” in the Cheesemaking Process

Making Rounds with Oscar

Mary Keehn’s Cypress Grove Chevre Acquired by Swiss Giant, Emmi

Meet Burke Brandon: Australian Cheesemaker

Morbier – Banned in US???

More Topped Brie

Murray’s Cheese to Open 50 Shops in Kroger Markets

My Favorite Cheese Videos

My Tillamook Cheese Plate

New Alouette Products Just in Time for the Holidays 2010

New Year’s Eve With The Lady and The Man

Oldest Can of WSU’s Cougar Gold Cracked Open

Olive Bar Video

One Year Blogiversary Report

Oprah’s 2010 Ultimate Favorite Things Includes Beecher’s Handmade Mac n Cheese

Oregon Cheesemakers (with links to each)

Oregon Cheese Festival 2010

“Paws”itively a Great Idea

PDX Events –  The Wedge – October 3rd

Proof at Last…

Pule Cheese: The World’s Most Expensive Cheese

Pumpkin Cheese Fondue

Purple Rain Vineyard, Community Supported Farming and The Man

Raw Milk Cheeses – Quick Checklist

Raw Milk Controversy Continues

Raw vs. Pasteurized Milk

Restaurants for Cheese Lovers

Return to Tillamook

Sally Jackson Cheeses Recalled

Sally Jackson to Close Down

San Francisco’s American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

Say Cheese Magazine – Premiere Issue – January 2010

Scandal in Italy: Cheesemakers Watering Down Buffalo Milk for Mozzarella

Sea Salts

Seattle Cheese Festival 2010

Seattle Cheesemaker Beechers’ Takes Manhattan

Send Spaulding Gray to Wisconsin…or Not…

Shoutout to Kurt, Jena and Brad at Beecher’s Cheese

Spaulding Gray’s Favorite Cheese Videos

Spaulding Gray’s Favorite Cheese and Food Pairing Chart

Spaulding Gray and the Beemster Cheese Mice

Spaulding Gray and Tillie, the Tillamook Cow

Spaulding Gray and The Lady

Spaulding Gray and The Lady Wish You a Merry Christmas 2008

Spaulding Gray and The Lady Wish You a Merry Christmas 2010

Spaulding Gray Explains the Meaning of Life

Spaulding Gray Sits Down With Beer Enthusiast, Mike Wright

Spaulding Gray, The Cheesemonger’s Portrait

Spaulding Gray: Tillamook Cheese Fan of the Month – November 2009

Spectacular Cheese Fest Pairs Cheese Bar and Ten 01

Stretching Fresh Mozzarella

Super Bowl Smackdown: Nachos vs. Nachos

Ten Uses For Parmesan Rinds

Terroir and Cheese

The Art of Oregon Cheese (Cheese Chick Video)

The Cheese Chronicles by Liz Thorpe – Book Review

The Day Phyllis Closed The Niagara Street Bar

The Estrella Family Creamery and Randy Johnson’s Farm Visit

The Kudos Keep Coming

The Lady and The Beecher’s Cheese Ladies

The Lady is Interviewed at Know Your Cheese

The Lady is on Vacation

The Lady Makes Her First Cheese Wedding Cake

The Lady Reports on the DPI Food Show

The Lady’s Cheese Arrives at The Kiosk

The Long Quiche Goodbye

The Smoking Incident

The Lady Has Prospects…

The Lady Has Spoken

The Lady is Going to Wisconsin to Make Cheese

The Lady is on Vacation

The Morgan Fairchild “Incident”

The Traveling Gruyere Wheel

Tillamook Cheese Plate

Time to Tag the Cheese

Topped Brie

Trouble Brews for Wine: Cheese Chooses Beer

Two Grilled Cheeses and One Burger in One Meal

UMDIA Spring Butter/Cheese Contest Results

US Drops Tariff on Roquefort

Update on Saxon Homestead Cheeses

Vegetarian Suitable Cheeses – Quick Checklist

Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery Debuts Cremont

Vermont Cheese Makers

Washington State Cheesemakers (with links to each)

Wedding Cakes Made from Wheels of Cheese

Wedding Cakes Made from Wheels of Cheese: More

Westland Cheese Introduces “Peelable Rind”

What is Your Cheese IQ? Wine IQ? Beer IQ?

Willamette Valley Cheese Company Opens Tasting Room

Wisconsin Cheese Plate

Wisconsin Cheese Tour 2010 – Slideshow

Wisconsin Cheese Tour 2010 – Recap Trivia

Wisconsin Cheese Tour 2010 – Day 4 – Crave Brothers Tour

Wisconsin Cheese Tour 2010 – Day 4 – Roth Kase Tour

Wisconsin Cheese Tour 2010 – Day 3 – Madison Cheese Trade Show

Wisconsin Cheese Tour 2010 – Day 3 – Salemville Amish Cheesemakers

Wisconsin Cheese Tour 2010 – Day 3 – BelGioioso Cheese Tour

Wisconsin Cheese Tour 2010 – Day 2 – Woodman’s, Green Bay Cheese Company & Lambeau Field

Wisconsin Cheese Tour 2010 – Day 2 – Sartori Foods

Wisconsin Cheese Tour 2010 – Day 2 – Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese

Wisconsin Cheese Tour 2010 – – Day 1 – Tour Bus 1; Deer 0

Wisconsin 2010 Itinerary – Day 2 & 3

Wisconsin 2010 Itinerary – Day 1

Wisconsin – Day 1 (2009)

Wisconsin – Day 2 – BelGioioso – Chase Plant (2009)

Wisconsin – Day 2 – Crave Brothers – Sustainable Farming (2009)

Wisconsin – Day 3 – Roth Kase and Cheesemaking 101 (2009)

Wisconsin Pictures Are Now Available to View (2009)

Wisconsin – The Rest of the Story – How Bob Parties His Way to becoming a Licensed Cheesemaker (2009)

Woohoo!! Cheesemonger Blog Named One of Top 50 Cheese Blogs

World Cheese Awards Build Guinness Book of Records Cheese Plate

Yikes…Spaulding Gray Has Gone MIA…

Yike, The Cat is Out of the Bag…So to Speak…

Yorkshire Wensleydale in Final Stage to Receive Protective Status From EU

Zabar’s Cheese Plate Videos (1)

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