Sir Kitty Cheese Paws

September 1, 2011

Sir Kitty Cheese Paws Dictates to The Lady

The Lady and I have a new Cheesy Friend, Miranda, who is a Cheese Steward at a Baker’s in Omaha, Nebraska. She saw The Lady’s picture (hey, where’s the picture of The Cat????) and our mention in the new Fall Issue of Culture Magazine and dropped us a line via the Kroger pipeline.

Miranda hosts a monthly Cheese Club at her cheese shop in the Baker’s store and we will be posting information on those events so that all you Cheese Nerds in Omaha can attend and taste some great cheeses that are paired “purrfectly”…

Miranda, evidently a nicknamer by nature, has bestowed on moi a new moniker… from this day forward The Lady and The Man are hereby requested to refer to me only as… Sir Kitty Cheese Paws

Member, Association of Food Bloggers

Do You Want To:

Work in the world’s best cheese shop?

Join the cheese revolution?

Become an expert cheesemonger?

Are You Ready to:

Work hard and learn something new?

Sample cheese from around the world?

Talk to customers, make them laugh and sell lots of cheese?

If you answered “Yes!!” to these questions;

You can work with Murray’s at Kroger.

We are looking for Murray’s Cheese Associates for Boulder, Colorado:

Cheese Master – Deadline to apply is August 19

Cheese Stewards – Deadline to apply is October 8

In Boulder, Murray’s Cheese Shops will open

in the following King Soopers/City Markets:

Store 33:

3600 Table Mesa Dr. Boulder, CO 80303

(303) 499-4004


Bob DiCroce or Deborah Unger

Store 61:

1650 30th St. Boulder, CO 80301

(303) 443-9622


Bill Light or Sharon Cade

Store 80:

995 S. Hover Street Longmont, CO 80501

(303) 702-0099


Dave Gabbert or Rhonda Lamach


Murray's Cheesemonger, Michael... being Michael...

We would love to see you in a Murray’s Cheese Shop…

So I’m sitting here in the Cheese Bunker hidden somewhere in the suburbs of Seattle and The Lady is hanging out with the “Cheese Swells” at the Seattle “No Pets” Sheraton… something is definitely wrong with this cheese picture…

The Lady and The Man just returned from the New Members and First Time Attendees Reception hosted by our friends, Sartori Foods and The Lady is dropping cheese names like there’s no tomorrow… however, you can bet, she’ll be dropping more names tomorrow… yada, yada, yada…

She ran into our buddy Gaetano Auricchio and the BelGioioso Cheese Swells at Pike Place Market today on her way to the home of my most favorite-of-all-time cheese, No Woman. The fine cheesemakers at Beechers were… well, they were making cheese…  to make matters worse, she came back to the “Cheese Bunker” with the scent of No Woman on her clothes (but not a wedge to be found anywhere on her)… at least she took a couple of pictures but then I discovered she had left the cord I need to download the pix to the computer… she had one item on her “things to do for Spaulding Gray” list… and she forgot… sheesh… I do all the heavy lifting and she hangs with the “cheese swells”…

After Pike Place Market, she and The Man stopped in The Daily Grill and had a late lunch while waiting to pick up The Lady’s creds at Cheese-a-Topia at the Seattle “No Pets” Sheraton…

The Man likes to hang with The Lady… well, that I can understand… I like hanging with her as well… he sat in the lobby of the Seattle “No Pets” Sheraton while The Lady went to the reception. All the new members and first time attendees were invited and the ACS Board of Directors (aka The Really Big Cheese Swells) welcomed everyone. Sartori Foods hosted the event and had many of their terrific cheeses for everyone to enjoy.

They played Board of Directors Bingo: little-known facts about members of the board were on a bingo card and as you chatted with them you had to find out various bits of trivia. The most interesting for The Lady was that our friend, Tim Smith from Kroger, was a ballet dancer and danced with the Boston Ballet… from ballet to cheese… talk about a renaissance man… I did a little research and discovered his interpretation of the Prince Florstan pas de trois in Sleeping Beauty is still legend.

On deck tomorrow… Cheesemongers’ Merchandising Competition; Terroir in America; Last Stop: Cheese Shop; Getting Inside the Retail Mine and Meet the Cheesemaker… boy do I have my work cut out for me tomorrow reporting on all these seminars… until then, I remain your humble Feline Foodie reporting from the “Cheese Bunker” hidden somewhere in the suburbs of Seattle…