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7 Responses to “Life with Spaulding Gray”

  1. Sue Reif Says:

    You’re so vain you probably think this song is about you… Really Spaulding… you hog the show. I think we should see more pictures of the talented Lady’s weaving and knitting …..
    …. Mattie Cat.

  2. Mary Moore Says:

    Spaulding, you are a blogging maniac. This seems to be a much better place for you, but I do miss your antics.

    East Coast Squadron and their mom

  3. Mary Moore Says:

    And I see you are still a spoiled as ever!

    • cheesemonger Says:

      I am just as spoiled as ever…how are the members of the squadron doing? I’m willing to bet that they too are just as spoiled as I am…The Lady sends her love…she thinks of you often and fondly…

  4. Sue Reif Says:

    Spaulding… another little note. I think I will plant some catnip for you and Mattie. It will make some good kitty toys for Christmas Gifts! Got to start early you know.
    Mattie Cat

  5. Sue Reif Says:

    Spaulding Dear .. I didn’t know you were into jigsaw puzzles. I prefer scrabble and crossword puzzles…. Love, Mattie Cat

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