Updates 8/28/2011

Aged Gouda – Goat Milk – Gothberg Farms

Banon AOC

Beemster Premium Goat’s Cheese


Cabecous Feuilles

Cablanca Goat Gouda


Carr Valley’s Black Truffle Goat Cheese 

Carr Valley Casa Bolo Mellage*

Carr Valley’s Mobay* 

Chevre Noir (Fromagerie Tournevant) 

Chevre – Goat Milk – Gothberg Farms

Classico (Tumalo Farms)


Crottin (Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery)

Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog

Cypress Grove Midnight Moon

Fairview Farms’ Cynthian 

Fenacho – Tumalo Farms 

Feta – Goat Milk – Gothberg Farms


Fresh Chevre – Westfield Farm 

Fromagerie Tournevant


Gothberg Farms Aged Gouda – Goat Milk

Gothberg Farms Chevre

Gothberg Farms Goat Milk Feta

Gothberg Farms The Woman of LaMancha – Goat Milk

Gothberg Farms Raw Milk Gouda – Goat Milk

Gothberg Farms Young Gouda – Goat Milk

Gothberg Farms Goat Cheese Plate: Fresh Chevre, Feta, Cheddar, Gouda 

Gouda, Goat (Tumalo Farms Classico)

Guusto Baked Cheese (Pasture Pride)

Hard Goat Cheddar 

Haystack Peak

Humboldt Fog (Cypress Grove)

Juniper Grove’s Tumalo Tomme 

La Tur

LaClare Farm Evalon (Saxon Homestead Cheeses)

Le Cendrillon

Midnight Moon (Cypress Grove)

Pasture Pride Guusto 

Pondhopper – Tumalo Farms

Robiola Three Milk

Rogue Creamery Echo Mountain

Saint Maure

Soignon Chevrion Buche

St. Maure 

Saxon Homestead Cheeses’ LaClare Farm Evalon 

The Woman of LaMancha (Gothberg Farms)

Tomme du Haut Richelieu (Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser)

Tumalo Farms Award-Winning Classico 

Tumalo Farms Farmstead Fenacho

Tumalo Farms Farmstead Pondhopper 

Two-Faced Blue (Willapa Hills Farms)



Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery Bijou

Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery Coupole

Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery Crottin

Winey Goat

* Denotes Mixed Milk Cheese which includes Goat Milk

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