Updated 8/28/2011

Beecher’s Flagsheep

Bellwether Farms’ San Andreas 

Blue Sheeps’ Milk Cheese (Fromagerie La Moutonniere – Quebec, Canada)

Boscheto al Tartufo Il Forteto Coop*

Brebirousse d’Argental

Campo de Montalban

Carr Valley’s Baa Baa Sheep

Carr Valley’s Cave-Aged Marisa

Carr Valley’s Mobay (half sheep and half goat)

Chistou (Istara)

Cordobes Mitica

Curio Bay Pecorino

Cypress Grove’s Lambchopper

Ewephoria Sheep Gouda

Fromagerie Moutonniere’s Sheeps’ Milk Blue Cheese

Gligora Dairy’s Paski Sir 

Green Dirt Farm Farmstead Bossa


Hook’s Little Boy Blue



Ilbesa’s Young DM Sheep Milk Cheese

Ilbesa’s Luyan

Ilbesa’s Aged Sheep Milk Cheese

Ilbesa’s Mature Sheep Milk Cheese

Istara Chistou

Istara Kaikou

Istara Ossau Iraty

Istara P’Tit Basque

Istara P’Tit Pyrenees

Kaitou (Istara) 

La Tur

Lambchopper (Cypress Grove) 

Little Boy Blue (Hook’s)

Little Boy Blue (Willapa Hills Farms)


Manchego (Villajos Artisan – Raw Milk)

Ossau-Iraty (Istara)

Paski Sir (Gligora Dairy)

Pecorino Romano

Pecorino Toscano

P’Tit Basque (Istara)

P’Tit Pyrenees (Istara)

Queso Iberico*

Ricotta Salata

Robiola Three Milk*

Roquefort (Societe) 3/2011

Roquefort (Societe)

Sally Jackson Sheeps’ Milk Cheese 

Sartori Pastorale Blend

Societe Roquefort


Villajos Artisan Manchego

Two-Faced Blue (Willapa Hills Farms)*

Willapa Farms Two-Faced Blue*

*Denotes mixed milk cheese that includes sheep milk

5 Responses to “Index of Cheese Reviews – Sheep Milk Cheeses”

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  2. Beer Says:

    Heineken, best beer EVER 🙂

  3. […] Index of Sheep Cheese Reviews […]

  4. Paški Sir Marketeer Says:

    What about a review for Paški Sir?

    • cheesemonger Says:

      Simon, I have not come across Paski Sir, which I think is similar to Parmigiano/Reggiano. I will tell The Lady to keep her eye open and when we find it, we will buy it and review it. If you know where we cn get it in the Portland, Oregon area, please let us know. Thanks for the suggestion.

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