This is the third video of a 5 part series from Fair Oaks Farms, Indiana’s Largest Dairy Farm.

In episode three of a five part series, Fair Oaks Farms social media director Anders Porter goes behind the scenes to see what happens to the milk once it is turned over to the Cheese Maker, Vitalia.

Watch as Anders gets his hands dirty while participating in the cheese-making process.


The Lady and I wish to congratulate Sheri LeVigne on the grand opening April 23 of her new cheese chop, The Calf and Kid, in the Capitol Hill District of Seattle. We have been following her journey from dream to reality and have come to love this dear cheesemonger as she battled the city inspectors, the banks and all the “fun” that accompanies realizing that dream.

Her website is not quite fully functional, but here’s a link for the day it is. However, her blog is a running commentary of her new adventure and well-worth the read.

The Lady and The Man will be heading Seattle-way in the next few weeks to check out Sheri’s new store; but in the meantime, we can enjoy her adventure via that wonderful world known as the internet.

If you are in Seattle, stop by and meet Sheri and buy some cheese. The address for The Calf and Kid is
1531 Melrose Ave, Suite C2, Seattle WA, 98122

Sheri, here’s to only great things coming your way!!!

The Lady is a member of Know Your Cheese Network, which originates out of Australia. As a result she is learning more and more about the cheeses of Australia and the dairy farmers who make those cheeses.

Know You Cheese has interviewed a sheep milk cheesemaker, Burke Brandon, and The Lady and I think you will enjoy the interview. Click here to read the interview with Burke.

To learn more about his family’s dairy farm, click here on Red Hill Farm.